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Cheap TVs Buying Guide

With so many cheap tvs nowadays there is a lot more new technology around. Here is a quick reference buying guide for you so you know the difference between each type of tv:

Ultra HD / 4K TVs

Unparalleled viewing quality and clarity is offered from UHD or Ultra HD tvs. These have a resolution four times greater than 1080p with is amazing. These units tend to be more expensive but if your budget will stretch to one of these you will not be disappointed!

3D TVs

As you would expect, you need 3D glasses wityh these tvs. Make sure if you're buying one that it comes with glasses. You may also want to check the prices of the manufacturers glasses as different 3D glasses work with different tvs. Also you need 3D content so either a 3D blu-ray player or Sky 3D will be required.

Smart TVs

These tvs need an internet connection to enable the 'smart' features. Usually you excpect to get web 2.0 apps on the tv like YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc. These can also integrate with social networks, instant messaging and more.


LED tvs are better used for fast moving pictures like watching sports including football. They have superb picture quality due to the better colour levels and contrast ratio. You generally get better viewing angles too.

Plasma TVs

Fast response times and refresh rates come from the Plasma tvs. They also display darker images and blacks better than LED although they can have 'glare' issues in brighter rooms. Be sure to check the energy rating as these units can be less energy efficient.

Brands and Manufacturers

There are many different brands nowadays but the main brand names still remain. When it comes to electricals people tend to buy based on price and quality. Some of the leading manufactures of tvs include: LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

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